Earthing Universal Computer Mat

Austrige  |  Technology

Earthing Universal Computer Mat

Austrige  |  Technology
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  • Black
  • 11.8x39.4in
  • 19.68 x 47.4


Are you constantly exposed to the digital world of computers, phones, and other electrical devices? Protect yourself from the potential damage these electrically charged energies can cause with the Earthing Universal Computer Mat! This conductive rubber mat helps reduce inflammation, muscle and joint pain, aches, sprains, arthritis, digestive issues, electro sensitivity plus more. Not only does it combat these common issues but it also helps support your body’s natural neutralizing of free radicals which helps assist in anti-aging efforts and increased energy throughout the day. And what’s even better is that you can use the Earthing Universal Computer Mat as a mouse pad when you work - its little feet and roomy size makes placing your hand or foot on it comfortable and natural - while also connecting earth which rounds out productivity time with a huge helping of health benefits! What really puts this science-backed mat over the top is its earthing therapy testing which shows a reduction in pain levels and stress hormone cortisol; improved circulation for long hours working; increased melatonin production for better sleep - ultimately providing an environment where our work sensors (and bodies) can thrive! It’s safe to say with all these amazing benefits that if you spend ample time at a desk or near electrical devices make sure to invest in one of these trusty mats - it could be just what you need to stay balanced!

Plug: US Plug
Material: PU, Rubber
Color: Black
Quantity: 1 pc

Package includes:
1 x Earthing Universal Grounding Mat
1 x Grounding Cords (other accessories demo in the picture is not included.)



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  • Color Black
  • Size 11.8x39.4in, 19.68 x 47.4
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