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Handmade Coffee Mug Small Red Heart - Gift for loved ones

Handmade Coffee Mug Small Red Heart - Gift for loved ones

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Handmade Coffee Mug Small Red Heart - Gift for loved ones Description

Coffee Mug : 200ml

Crafted with Love: Meet our stoneware mug, born from the hands of skilled artisans who pour their passion into every detail. This mug is not just a piece of ceramics; it's a work of art. Created using ceramic clay, each mug is a unique expression of craftsmanship.

The artistic touch doesn't stop there—our mugs are hand-painted with food-grade ceramic paints, bringing a burst of color to your daily coffee ritual. To seal the deal, both inside and out, they're glazed for a smooth finish that's as delightful to touch as it is to look at.

Baked at a toasty 1100 degrees, these mugs are tough enough to handle your dishwasher, making cleanup a breeze. We believe in convenience without compromising on quality.

Because we cherish the human touch, our 100% handmade ceramics may show a bit of individuality. Each mug has its own personality, with slight variations that make it uniquely yours. So, embrace those quirks and know that your mug is not just a cup; it's a story, a journey, and a daily companion crafted with love and care.

So, go ahead, turn your coffee routine into a special moment with our handmade mug—because your morning deserves a touch of warmth and a sprinkle of magic.

Materials: Ceramic
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