Our Story - The Beginning of Austrige

Learn what provoked us to make it happen

In the heart of the digital age, where love intertwines with entrepreneurial spirit, entrepreneurial spirit intertwines with the environment and the environment dictates the state of the future, Austrige stands as a testament to the power of obligation and responsibility.

Austin M. D. Dibiasi and Jessa A. Connor, a couple united by love and driven by a shared vision, aren't only responsible for the success of a business, that's the smaller picture, they are responsible for the major reversal of the negative impacts our society has cause.

The Beginning of a Dream

Before Austrige was a name known across the web, it was just a dream shared between two pure hearts. Austin, the owner and mastermind web developer, brought to life the intricate codes and functionalities that would become Austrige's backbone.

Jessa A. Connor, the creative force, crafted the words, brand name, social media pages, and campaigns that would captivate an audience far and wide.

Together, they worked side-by-side to solidify the foundation of the business.

A Partnership Forged in Pixels

Their story is unique – a blend of romance and business. As a couple, they navigated the complexities of both relationships and the e-commerce world. They complemented each other perfectly: Austin's technical prowess paired with Jessa's advertising genius mind and content mastery. Together, they built Austrige from the ground up, pouring their combined talents into every aspect of their solid structured business.

Austrige: A Labor of Love

Austrige wasn't just built on the foundation of cutting-edge technology and compelling marketing; it was built on trust, mutual respect, and the shared joy of creativity. Every product listing, every line of code, every blog post, every Instagram post – they all carry the essence of Austin and Jessa's partnership.

The Impact of Austrige

Today, Austrige doesn't only stand as a beacon of success, but it resembles a new powerful movement supported by communities and other savvy shoppers, along with environmentally aware individuals. They all support much more than just a business. They contribute to a major Tree planting movements, Carbon removal works, and Greenhouse gas reduction attempts that are all working fast and effectively to remove more than just a 'dent'.

The whole partnership is about making the world a better place while putting a smile on the peoples' face. This way, customers don't just see a website; they see the labor of in-depth, valuable and powerful discussions that Austin and Jessa involve themselves in, in order to make the differences truly happen.

The Future is Bright

As they continue to grow Austrige, Austin and Jessa also grow together, both as business partners and life partners. Their journey inspires many, proving that when love and passion for innovation come together, the possibilities are endless.

Join us at Austrige, where every click, every purchase, and every satisfied customer is a chapter in the ongoing story of Austin M. Dibiasi and Jessa A. Connor – a couple who dared to dream and turned their love into a legacy.


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