High Precision Beard Trimmer

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High Precision Beard Trimmer

Austrige  |  Accessories
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Introducing the brand-new Precision Micro Trimmer, featuring an ultra-thin head with a perfectly angled and laterally mounted blade that goes beyond the reach of scissors and tweezers. Now equipped with German stainless steel micro-oscillating blades, coated with titanium, it sets itself apart from similar models in the market.

Perfect for ears, nose, eyebrows, sideburns, goatees, beards, and mustaches. The ultra-thin head with laterally mounted blades at perfect angles reaches where other trimmers cannot. German stainless steel micro-oscillating blades coated with titanium. It offers cordless portability with a non-slip handle and an LED light for enhanced visibility. No cuts or irritation, only precise trimming.


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