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  • Purple 2
  • Blue 2
  • Black 2
  • Yellow 2
  • Pink 2
  • Black with Clip
  • Pink with Clip
  • Blue with Clip
  • Champagne with Clip
  • Leopard with Clip
  • White with Clip
  • Grey with Clip
  • Shiny Green with Cli
  • Mint Green with Clip
  • Lake Blue with Clip
  • Purple with Clip
  • Rose Red with Clip
  • Orange-pinkwith Clip
  • Flamingo with Clip
  • Wine Red with Clip
  • Black no Clip
  • Pink no Clip
  • Champagne no Clip
  • Blue no Clip
  • Grey no Clip
  • Purple no Clip
  • Rose Red no Clip
  • Orange-Pink no Clip
  • Flamingo no Clip


The Heatless Curling Rod Headband is suitable for various occasions, including birthdays, parties, or daily use. You can create different curling styles based on your preferences, whether you want loose waves or tight curls. This hair styling tool offers a convenient and heat-free way to achieve beautiful curls. It is designed to be gentle on your hair while providing long-lasting results. Whether you're preparing for a special event or looking to add some curls to your daily look, the Heatless Curling Rod Headband can be a useful addition to your hair styling routine.





Material: Foam + Plastic + Cloth
Dimension: 3 x100cm

Package Includes:
1 x Curling Iron
2 x Hair Ties
1 x Hair Clip


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  • Color Purple 2, Blue 2, Black 2, Yellow 2, Pink 2, Black with Clip, Pink with Clip, Blue with Clip, Champagne with Clip, Leopard with Clip, White with Clip, Grey with Clip, Shiny Green with Cli, Mint Green with Clip, Lake Blue with Clip, Purple with Clip, Rose Red with Clip, Orange-pinkwith Clip, Flamingo with Clip, Wine Red with Clip, Black no Clip, Pink no Clip, Champagne no Clip, Blue no Clip, Grey no Clip, Purple no Clip, Rose Red no Clip, Orange-Pink no Clip, Flamingo no Clip
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