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Our Respected Partners

Who we are Partnered with

List of all our Partnerships and Why We Joined as a Team.


1. Sprout and the Good Api

The partnership between Sprout {APP}🌱(1) (integration to The Good Api(2) and Austrige(3), is a source of inspiration and a symbol of enduring dedication to environmental sustainability. Each of these trees, now firmly rooted in the earth, represents more than just a number; it's a living testament to the profound impact that dedicated collaboration can have on the planet...

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Planting a Tree per CA$10 from order    &
Our Collaboration with Famous Tree Planting Communities 🌱


2. Mast Reforestation

Mast Reforestation is a beacon of hope in the fight against deforestation. Through strategic tree planting in damaged areas, they're reshaping ecosystems and combating climate change. With cutting-edge tools like drones and satellite imaging, they're revolutionizing reforestation efforts, ensuring a greener future for generations to come.

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Blog about Mast Reforestation
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Mast Reforestation 


3. GrassRoots Carbon

Grassroots Carbon pioneers soil carbon crediting in the US, rejuvenating grasslands and sustainable farming. With $5M disbursed since 2021 and 80 ranching partners, it leads climate action via carbon sequestration. This approach fosters biodiversity, opens the carbon market to ranchers, and boosts soil health, aligning with global net-zero efforts.

Ranchers, empowered by Grassroots Carbon, adopt regenerative practices, supported by tools like PastureMap, fostering education and community building. Financial incentives, transparent and fair, reward carbon storage efforts, totaling $5M disbursed. Enterprises purchasing carbon credits support water conservation and community benefits.

The program, navigated in three steps, qualifies ranches, implements regenerative practices, and monitors for rewards. Grassroots Carbon's success exemplifies the power of sustainable agriculture in combating climate change and inspires scalable models for global impact. Join the movement towards a resilient and sustainable planet. Shop now.

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4. Climeworks

In the race against climate change, innovative solutions are crucial to mitigate the impact of carbon emissions on our planet. Climeworks, a Swiss-based company, leads the charge with its pioneering direct air capture (DAC) technology. Founded in 2009, Climeworks aims to combat climate change by capturing CO2 directly from the atmosphere using a network of modular collectors.

This scalable and versatile solution offers a promising path towards carbon removal, with applications ranging from carbon-neutral fuel production to carbonation of beverages. With ongoing research and deployment efforts worldwide, Climeworks is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping a more sustainable and resilient future for our planet. Join us in supporting Climeworks and advocating for innovative climate solutions.

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5. Heirloom



6. Remora

7. Running Tide