About us

Welcome to Austrige, where elegancy and affordability come together to offer you the most sought-after and current home gods and essentials worldwide. We go beyond being a typical online store – we serve as your reliable companion on the path to achieving your aspirations and ensuring that you are being presented the 'best' of the best and items which are within reach for all. Austrige is founded on a strong sense of passion, commitment, and the principle that luxury should not be excessively expensive. Our story is deeply meaningful to us, and our goal is completely connected to our value.


Our Founding Journey

The creation of Austrige was inspired by a vision and deep aspiration to change the E-commerce industry. Everything started when our CEO named Austin D. was in depths, living an under-average life. Never had the opportunity to make anything out of their success in high school. He thought life had a lot more coming for him after all the hard working and stress that he dealt with, little did he know there was, but not yet known. The Journey involved him and his partner coming together to build the foundation of their business model. They only focused on 2 key aspects; 1. the products and services are better quality while more affordable comparing elsewhere, and 2. the business would have a stronger and deeper impact.

Austin D. and his partner have always been serious about the ways the Economy and Society are choosing to handle earthly situations, and that was never acceptable to them. Austin's journey involved numerous days of intensive work combined with relentless and passionate nurturing, needed to constantly make sure that the results are the best for the customers and for the world. It was in this period that the concept of Austrige started taking shape, and they began building a site that would provide a unique shopping experience to all home essential-seeking shoppers.


Your Trusted Shopping Partner

As your reliable shopping companion, Austrige recognizes that your desires extend beyond mere products; they mirror your individuality and aspirations. We are dedicated to accompanying you on this journey by providing highly coveted items from across the globe. Our team of specialists diligently searches worldwide to curate the finest selection, granting you access to a diverse range of choices. Each carefully chosen product on our platform reflects our dedication to providing you with greatest quality at likeable prices.


Our Promise to You

However, Austrige is not a brand alone but a commitment to quality, value, and enjoying the shopping process. Consider making us your one-stop-shop for essential trends and life-changing innovations! We place your happiness as our outmost concern and are always ready to help with sincerity and devotion. As a team; we strive to provide a personalized, emotional, and excellent shopping feel for you.

Kindly accept our gratitude on behalf of Austrige. We will be glad to take you through this trip with us and give you everything including the latest and the best home essentials while ensuring that we maintain low cost of products in order to cater for many people of different financial backgrounds. 

Welcome to Austrige - Treat yourself. Better the World. 🌎

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