GM2 Pro 5.3 Bluetooth Earphone

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With its sleek ergonomic design and superior Bluetooth V5.3 technology, the Lenovo GM2 Pro 5.3 Earphone is a great choice for gamers and music lovers alike! Enjoy unparalleled sound quality with ultra low latency for a smooth gaming experience, or immerse yourself in HD call audio featuring ENC noise reduction. Whether you're playing with friends or enjoying some solo tunes, this versatile headset lets you switch between single and binaural mode freely – no master-slave needed! Taking advantage of Lenovo's latest gaming chip design, this earphone will offer superior performance that won't deplete your battery life. Get ready to enhance your audio experience with the GM2 Pro 5.3 Earphone today!




Model: Lenovo GM2 Pro
Bluetooth Version: V5.3
Speak Unit: 10 mm
Battery Capacity: 40mAh
Usage Time: About 5 hours (Earphones)
Charging Time: About 1 hour (Earphones)
Frequency Range: 2.402-2.480KHz
Transmission Distance: Up to 10 meters / 33 feet
Charging Compartment Battery Capacity:350mAh


What's in the Box
2 x Bluetooth Earphones
1 x Charging Case
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual
3 x Earphone Cups(S,M,L Size)


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